Why Your Home Needs an Air Purifier

We all practice precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, from washing hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing. But is there more you could do to keep your home safe?

"Since most COVID viruses spread through droplets and/or aerosols, these airborne pathogens can be captured by an air purifier filter," Dr. Wei-Ning Wang, associate professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering at the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering, says.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when used alongside other safety precautions suggested by the CDC, air filtration devices can be part of best practices for the prevention of Coronavirus.


Some of the benefits of having an air purifier in your home include:

  • Eliminating odours
  • Can help to relieve symptoms of Ashtma and allergies
  • Sleek and modern design fits in with your decor and style
  • Can help improve sleep
  • Eliminates harmful toxins present in the air from cleaning products and other chemicals


A portable air purifier can filter up to 99,9% of bacteria from the air in a room up to 10 sq. meters in size. Remember to keep rooms well ventilated to ensure you get the most out of your purifier, without proper ventilation you risk only purifying a small bubble of air around your machine instead of the whole room.