Copper Wear Pro Series Compression Ankle Sleeve

Copper Wear Pro Series Compression Ankle Sleeve

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PRO SERIES is our most advanced compression and support products designed for athletes, weekend warriors or anyone with an active lifestyle. Built tough to stand up to your most extreme training, but still comfortable enough for everyday wear. Features such as built-in kinesiology bands provide targeted compression for ankles.


  • Combines high-performance, copper-infused compression with built-in kinesiology bands to give you the support you need to succeed
  • Kinesiology bands provide targeted compression and dynamic support while still allowing a functional range of motion
  • Designed to reduce the recovery time of muscles and supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles
  • Prevents strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm
  • Copper-ions bound to the fibre level during manufacturing help reduce odours
  • Designed to aid in rapid recovery and performance
  • Moisture-wicking technology helps prevent chafing and rashes
  • For men and women who participate in any sport or for any active lifestyle